Once you have worked on an Aircraft and watch it taking off, nothing else will satisfy you ever.

About the Examination

All India Aircraft Maintenance Engineering Examination (AIAMEE) is an Entrance Exam for Admission in Aircraft Maintenance Engineering. AIAMEE will conduct test in online mode (computer based test). Short listed candidates be called for counselling. Qualifying this test takes you a step closer to the highly rewarding, glamourous, high status, highly respected, coveted job of Aircraft Maintenance Engineer.

AME institutions approved by DGCA only can impart this course.

All India Aircraft Maintenance Engineering Examination

Exam Pattern

The examination will be conducted on line. Candidates will be required to visit nominated examination centres and appear in the test.

All the questions will be of Multiple Choice Question (MCQ).

The online test is for 90 minutes.

S.No. Subjects Questions Marks
1. General Knowledge 15 15
2. Physics 20 20
3. Chemistry 20 20
4. Math 20 20
5. English 15 15
Total 90 90


To apply for AIAMEE, you must fulfill these Eligibility Criteria as given below:

  • Candidate should have passed 10+2(Physics, Chemistry, Maths) or Equivalent from a recognised Board or University.
  • Candidate age should be less than 24 years at the time of admission.
  • He should be physically fit. No defect in colour or night vision is acceptable. Spectacles are acceptable.

Exam Syllabus

AIAMEE syllabus is not vast as other technical examinations. The subjects mentioned herein should be focused upon to prepare for AIAMEE. The name of the subjects that candidate have to prepare is given alongside.

  • General Knowledge

    Science, Books and Authors, Current Affairs, Portfolios

  • Mathematics
    Sets, Relations, Functions, Mathematical induction, Complex numbers and Quadratic equations, Matrices and Determinants, Permutations and Combinations, , Binomial theorem and it's simple applications, Sequences and Series, Limit, Continuity and Differentiability, Integral Calculus, Differential equations, Co-ordinate geometry, Straight lines, Conical sections, Circles, Three dimensional geometry, Vector algebra, Statistics and Probability, Measurement of dispersion, Probability, Trigonometry, Mathematical reasoning
  • Physics
    Physics and measurement, Kinematics, Laws of motion, Work, Energy and Power, Rotational motion, Gravitation, Properties of solids and liquids, Thermodynamics, Kinetic theory of gases, Oscillations and waves, Electrostatics, Current electricity, Magnetic effects of current and magnetism, Electromagnetic induction and alternating currents, Electromagnetic waves, Optics, Dual nature of matter and radiation, Atoms and nuclear, Electronic devices, Communication systems
  • English

    Comprehension, One Word Substitution, Sentence Correction

  • Chemistry
    Some basic concepts in chemistry, Chemical thermodynamics, Solutions, Equilibrium, Redox reactions and electrochemistry, Chemical kinetics, Surface chemistry, Classification of elements and periodicity in properties, General principles and processes of isolation of metals, Hydrogen, s - Block elements (alkali and alkaline earth metals), p - Block elements group - 13 to group 18 elements general introduction, d and f - block elements, Coordination compounds, Purification and characterization of organic compounds purification, Basic principles of organic chemistry, Hydrocarbons classification, Isomerism, IUPAC nomenclature, General methods of preparation, Properties and reactions, Organic compounds containing Halogens general methods of preparation, properties and reactions, Organic compounds containing Oxygen general methods of preparation, properties, reactions and uses, Organic compounds containing Nitrogen general methods of preparation, properties, reactions and uses, Polymers general introduction and classification of polymers, General methods of polymerization.

About AME Course

Aircraft Maintenance Engineer is a person specifically licensed or authorized by the Directorate General of Civil Aviation (DGCA), Government of India, to certify the airworthiness (fit to fly) of an aircraft and its systems. All civil aircraft are required to be maintained and certified airworthy before each flight by a qualified Aircraft Maintenance Engineer. Hence all aircraft operators employ aircraft Technicians and AME’s.

All Maintenance on an aircraft is to be carried out by trained technical persons in accordance with rules and is to be certified by a licenced/authorized AME. Only after such certification the aircraft can be flown.

AME licence can be obtained by undergoing AME training in an approved AME college/school. AME schools approved under Civil Aviation Requirement (CAR) 147 can only provide this course. As of Jan,2020 there are 45 approved AME schools offering 3300 seats. It is 2400 hours of rigorous training to be completed in two years. 90% attendance is mandatory. Complete curriculum, methodology, seats, Instructors and practical training are prescribed by DGCA.

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Selection Procedure

A Merit list will be prepared on the total marks secured in AIAMEE. Candidates selected for admission will be informed by E-mail. Selected candidates will be offered admission in Star Aviation Academy. Excess candidates may be sent to sister schools.

Selected Candidates for Admission to Aircraft Maintenance Engineering Course will Be required to come for counselling along with following documents

  • Date of birth certificate or matric certificate which has Date of Birth (Original with two self attested copies).
  • Mark sheet of 10 +2 (Non-Medical or PCM) (Original should be submitted when received for confirmation of admission).
  • Migration Certificate (Original). It is to be deposited with Academy when received from board/School/University.
  • Character certificate.
  • 5 passport size colour photographs.
  • Admission fee (INR 30,000/-) and first semester fee (INR 112500/-). Fee may be paid in form of DD drawn in favour of 'Star Aviation Academy' payable at New Delhi or paid through bank transfer/NEFT/RTGS.
  • Medical certificate from M.B.B.S. Doctor for physical fitness and colour vision. In case medical certificate is not submitted admission will be provisional till medical certificate is submitted. Medical certificate form can be downloaded from this website.
  • Self attested copy of AADHAAR card (Optional)

Careers in AME

You can't imagine a world, quite frankly, without a safe and secure aviation system. And so our job is to really focus on that, and what we need to do to keep it safe and secure.

A flying bird has always fascinated the man. He built the machines in which he could fly in the air. A flying aircraft appeals to every eye. It is a matter of pride and prestige to be part of an industry and be in the minds of the people. Aviation personnel, be it pilots, aircraft engineers, technicians or airhostesses have always enjoyed an aura of exclusivity. Everyone wants to be part of some exclusive club. Aircraft Maintenance Engineering gives you a sense of achievement and a feeling of pride being technologically knowledgeable. All sophisticated aircraft are maintained and certified by AME’s. Aircraft Maintenance Engineers are that group of people who are highly trained, sought after and highly paid for. This profession gives prestige and satisfaction at each step.

Aviation industry is growing at high speed. With each aircraft becoming operational number of technical posts are created. Statistically one operational aircraft leads to creation of at least 28 jobs. If the aircraft is operated by an airline job creation is even higher. Order books of most aircraft manufacturers are full for next few years. All the aircraft need constant maintenance. It is estimated that in near future India will be third largest aviation market. Business of aircraft maintenance is enormous and it is set to expand. There is wide gap in supply and demand of properly trained and qualified manpower leading to high salaries and almost zero unemployment. Therefore, it is important to choose the right school to join the training. Demonstrated past performance in DGCA licence examination leading to employment of students is the best criteria to select a school. Indian AME ‘s and Aircraft technicians are in high demand in Gulf and Middle-east. This bright career beacons you and you need to decide to part of this highly respectable and paid for profession or be left behind. Star Aviation Academy is the most appropriate school for AME course.

Our Recruiters

  • Placements in AIR India
  • Placements in Jagson Airline
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